Kavos Booze Cruise

45 €
Welcome aboard the renowned Kavos Cruises Booze Cruise Boat Party! Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with sun, sea, and non-stop partying. Our cruise is designed to offer you the ultimate party adventure

  • Start – 11:30
  • End – 17:30
  • 1st Step
    40 min
    As soon as we're on board, the party begins. The atmosphere is electric, with music pumping .
    2nd Step
    60 min
    Blue Lagoon Champagne Diving
    Our first destination is the breathtaking Blue Lagoon. Dive into crystal-clear waters while sipping champagne, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Our DJs will keep the beats going, creating the perfect soundtrack for an unforgettable experience.
    3rd Step
    60 min
    Rave in the Cave
    Prepare to be blown away by the Rave in the Cave. This unique event is exclusive to Kavos Cruises and promises an incredible party inside a spectacular cave. Dance to the pulsating beats, as the cave transforms into a mesmerizing dance floor. And don't forget to participate in the famous powder throw, a special tradition where we create a remarkable group photo on board.
    4th Step
    45 min
    Sun-Drenched Alcohol-Fueled Day
    Throughout the cruise, the sun will shine down on us as we sail through the beautiful seascape. Expect to enjoy refreshing drinks, lively entertainment, and non-stop fun. Our experienced staff will ensure your glasses are never empty, and our DJs will keep the party going, providing the perfect soundtrack to your day.
    5th Step
    50 min
    Return to Kavos
    As the sun begins to set, we'll make our way back to Kavos, where the party doesn't have to end. Relish the memories you've made, and continue the festivities in the vibrant nightlife of Kavos.
  • Transfer

  • Boat Ticket

  • Beverages

  • Snorkeling Gear

  • Spirits
  • *** Bring your Own Snorkeling Gear to Explore The Caves


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